Sunday, December 26, 2010

HO, HO, HO!!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Blicious and the Fiance!!

We hope you had the best Christmas ever! ♥
we did!
being engaged makes everything better!!!
we hung out with family, ate enough to feed an army of hippos, drank enough to fill a lake and slept in every day. sighhhhhhhhhh
We had an ugly sweater party with B's family and guess who won fourth place???? yours truly!! i mean who even has tights like this? ;)
Christmas was hectic as always but we were spolied. We had B's family at 9, my moms at 12 and my dad's at 3. crazy right? we got so many amazing gifts but every time i look at my ring i think of how blessed i am and couldnt want anything more. ♥

so....B and i werent doing gifts this year since we are saving for THE BIG DAY and sure enough he surprised me with the Mindy Weiss wedding planner!! HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!! i got two since they said the blue one wasnt that good so B bought the new khaki one and the lady was kind enough to throw the blue one in as well. heaven! cant wait to start planning our wedding!!!!!!!!!

thank you for the best Christmas ever! i cant wait to be your wife!
your Fiance

hope you all have a great week!!!!




Brandon said...

Not only am I happy to be the first comment but I am so happy we had a perfect Christmas!

It wasn't the gifts, the food or the partying that made it perfect. It was knowing that we are engaged and about to plan for our wedding!

That was the greatest gift of all this Christmas!

I couldn't be happier to have you as my fiance and know that we are so close to being married!

Love you til the end fiance!

The Beauty In Me said...

Lovely <3
I am so happy for you girl!
cant wait to see the progress of your wedding!

Happy Holidays

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Oh my goodness, what FUN pictures!!! Love your candy cane striped socks or tights...FABULOUS!!! So glad you had a lovely Christmas!

Liesl :)

Nickie Frye said...

Ooooh!!! An ugly sweater party! Awesome. :)

Congrats on your engagement! The best advice we got for our wedding was to be really deliberate about taking a step back & taking it all in. Weddings can be a real blur.



so much fun! I see the X-mas eve was amazing!!! You look lovely as a santa's helper!

all my best wishes for 2011! Happy New year my sweet friend!




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