Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My new man...

On Friday June 15th at 8:54pm Phoenix Lewis Stone entered the world! He is perfect! All 9 pounds of him! My brother and sister-in-law are parents and it's the craziest thing! My brother celebrated his first Father's Day and B and I couldn't be happier for them! It's amazing how much you can love someone you have only known for 4 days! Phoenix is so precious and I am so proud to be his Auntie B!!! ♥

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and Happy Father's day to all you/ your Father's!



Brandon said...

Such a little ham! It's crazy to think that there is a new member to the Stone family and that it's your brothers!

Soon enough we'll have a little meatball running around ;)

Love you til the end...

Dancing Branflake said...

So sweet! You are going to be the best auntie!

Katelin said...

aw congrats! so exciting to have a baby in the family.


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