Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red, white and the day off!!

I cannot believe July 4th is next week! I just don't understand where the time is going!! Here's some of my  patriotic fav's!

*1-Stars and stripes denim jacket
*2-C.Z. Falconer Serafina dress
*3-American flag Lita's
*4-Starshine tee
*5-Lace dress
*6-Jcrew necklace
*7-C.Z. Falconer shrug
*8-Boutique stripe dress
*9-C.Z. Falconer bandeau bikini
*10-Jcrew anchor bracelet

Do you have fun plans for the 4th? Do share!!



Liesl said...

LOVE this post and all your great've given me some ideas!!! :)

bananas. said...

that denim jacket is so american chic! LOVE!!!

no plans for the 4th just yet...but do hope to do something. ANYTHING!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I really love that blue dress!

Hanna & Christel said...

awesome post, we so much love all the items!


Couture Carrie said...

Fun post, darling!
Love that striped dress!


KERRIN said...

thanks for the sweet comment girlie girl! wanna follow each other? xx

Lisamarie said...

I can't believe the 4 th of July is on a Wednesday and my boss isn't closing the office for monday and Tuesday, or even Thursday and Friday. Only the 4th off. I will surely be useless on Thursday. His fault!

April May said...

LOVE everything. Just because I'm Canadian, doesn't mean I can't be obsessed with all things American.. right?


his little lady said...

aw, i'm actually surprised how many places don't have things for the fourth of july, but i am loving all of these :)
xo TJ

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Krystal said...

enjoy the 4th for me!!!!!


Oooo those boots are gorgeous.

SilhouetteParisienne said...

Nice post :)


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