Wednesday, September 12, 2012

it's ok to not be ok.

Life has been crazy sexy hectic. crazy crazy. like woah.
It's OK to not be OK.
I know Hubs and I are moving to Italy and all but when did it become September?
When will the LA heat go away and bring some rain?
Why wasn't I invited to fashion week? ;)
Why is Britney Spears a judge on X Factor? (((Has anyone heard her sing?!))
Why don't donuts taste like anchovies?
Why do some people think it's ok to be an asshole and hurt you?
Why is time moving so slooowww?

Here's a little shoot Hubs did of me on our staycationmoon last weekend!

♥ dress-elizabeth & james ♥ wedgies-aldo ♥ watch-MK ♥ bracelet-j crew ♥ sunnies-guess ♥ bag-marciano

My oh-so-amazing photographer:

♥ Husband

how beautiful is Calamigos?



Dancing Branflake said...

WHAT?! You're moving to Italy? Why? When? Where? How did I miss this?

ms.composure said...

great pics as usual! and italy!?!? my dream is to have a villa in Italy! LoL italian studies is one of my minors. i can not WAIT to go there

marie said...

i needed this this week. it's been a rough week. sorry to read that people are hurting you =,( but there are so many other great things to lift us up, right? <3 xo

Caroline said...

whaaaaat, such a dreamy place to move to!!! lucky, lucky girl! best of luck to you :)

Liesl said...

First, you look so beautiful and I love that you are at Calamigos Ranch...reminds me of the time I looked there! Second, I am so excited that you are moving to Italy...what an incredible adventure that will be for you!!! :) Finally, I wonder a few of the things you were wondering too...and yes, it is okay to no always be okay! Big hugs to you! :)


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