Thursday, January 17, 2013


Do you know what today is?! Today marks 6 years of Blicious. S I X  Blicious years writing to you. Hearing from you. Loving you. Reading you. Learning from you. ALL of you! Sharing my life with you. Thank you all so much for reading Blicious! You are all Blicious! :)
In honor of 6 years for the bloggy I am taking you back...
Let's go back, wayyyy back.
Throwback Thursday here from Big B and lil b! Ciao! Who knew one day we would call ourselves Mr & Mrs? The B'Squared.
Living at my parents has been awesome for many reasons. One being finding gems like these. I love pictures and seeing old ones makes me giggle.
[[[note-pretty sure this pic was when I went through the "oops I cut my own bangs" phase.]]] didn't all of us ladies go through that phase? ;) #Blicious

Honestly (and not because he's my husband). I can't take how cute he is. He just melts my heart. He is my Blicious muffin.

Here is a list of 6 of my favorite things that I love about blogging on Blicious:
*Meeting all of you! It's been such an amazing journey connecting with other bloggers and building relationships. I love reading each and every one of your blogs and learning from you. Thank you for inspiring me every day.
**Writing/ babbling/ venting/ stressing/ complaining/ gloating over my life experiences. Blogging is my life outlet. It makes me feel better. Reading your comments and emails makes my day. It makes writing all worth it knowing there is someone out there reading me.
***Receiving opportunities to review product from amazing companies. It's so exciting to write a review on a product you love!
****Giveaways. I know they are far and few between on Blicious but there is something about picking a winner and sending them a gift they won from Blicious. I love it! and I promise to do more. :)
*****I love comments. I do. All of us bloggers do. But I also love your feedback and opinions the most. I learn from each comment/ email and I thank you all for writing them.
******I love all of my followers. Every time I receive a new follower I smile. It's so exciting knowing another fabulous person has entered my Blicious world!! Thank you for following Blicious!

Happy Birthday Blicious!

Salute to the next six Blicious years!



Bree said...

Woohoo! Happy birthday Blicious! :)

Andrea said...

aww what a sweet post :) happy happy birthday to your blog!!

Brandon said...

Happy Birthday Blicious!

I have been and will always be your biggest fan. Not just on Blicious, but in life.

Here is to another amazing, adventurous and memorable 6 years and beyond!

Love you til the end!

emily fitzgerald {once in a blue room} said...

happy anniversary!! congrats!

KERRIN said...

too cute! thanks for the comment girlie. x

Liesl said...

How sweet and Happy Happy Birthday to your lovely is to 6 more magical years!!! :)


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