Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy Monday ya'll!
This weekend was so nice! Not only did us LA peeps have amazing weather but Hubs and I did so much and were able to relax a bit...

First things first...We SOLD one of our cars! (my husbands car)!!!! This is all really happening! Everything is coming together and the car situation worked out perfectly. thank.the.lord. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Saturday was my besties birthday and I treated her to a spa day. We had the best time catching up and playing in the sauna, jacuzzi, salt room, jade room, ice room and lounge room. We got massages and had the best relaxation day. le sighhh. I love my joon!!! Happy Birthday Maryam!

Saturday night husband made dinner reservations for us and we had a much needed date night. It was so nice to relax and laugh without thinking about all the crazy stuff going on. US time is what we needed.

top-gifted, pants & necklace-Forever21, heels-All Saints gifted, jacket-Silence and Noise
Hope you all have a great Monday!
Happy MLK day! although I am at work, the one perk to working when the rest of the world isn' only takes 20 minutes to get to work! Holler.



Couture Carrie said...

Fun pics, darling!
So glad you had no incident selling the car... Am dealing with some shady people on Craigslist right now trying to sell a dining room set :(


yiqin; said...

lovely <3

Marlen said...

hahah you and your friend are so silly- a big Happy Birthday to her!! that sounds like such an awesome gift- a spa day with your bestie. I don't quite know what a Jade Room is, but i bet it's fabulous.

and congrats on selling the car so easily!

xo Marlen
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Mouthwash said...

You look so cute in your all your photos! I love the pink pants - so playful and fun!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

congratulations on the car sale- what a relief!!

I could use about 10 spa days right now. And I love your outfit!!!

Krystal said...

i could use a spa day, lucky girls!

yiqin; said...
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