Thursday, January 3, 2013

photo unload, y'all


Things around our house haven't been exactly "n o r m a l". Our house lately looks like a box war zone. Our kitties have no clue what's about to happen and yet they love their new "toys" in the house. Boxes + cats = entertainment all day long. These pictures are on my iPhone and wanted to be shared with you. ;) Well they are on Insta tooooo. follow, follow--> @BrandiScarpelli
Things I've learned over the past week...
Goodwill loves us!
Cats love heat.
Picking which shoes to take to Italy with me for the next 2 years is so hard.
Adding pink food coloring is genius. Genius!
Putting things on my sleepy kitty is pure entertainment...for me and husband.

Happy Thursday!



Couture Carrie said...

Fun pics, darling!
Love the "dorky" glasses!


Rory said...

Okay count me your newest follower for sure! All I had to see was the "we're so fairytale it makes me sick" and bam i knew i'd like you. I love adorable couples like you and you're such a witty writer! Can't wait to see more from ya! <3 Happy 2013!
Enter my Fifth and Orient giveaway and check back everyday this week for ANOTHER new giveaway!

Liesl said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy and I just love how in love you both are!!! Hope 2013 has been adventure filled so far! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Busy busy busy...don't bring too many shoes because you will buy more:-)


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