Wednesday, April 10, 2013

~ProjectMilf-Week #10-lucky ones.

Ciao ciao!
Happy week #10 to my MILF's! Can't believe it's been 10 weeks!

This week has been super emotional. After sharing the best weekend ever celebrating my 30th birthday with my Husband (post coming soon)...It all ended. He left Monday morning to LA for work. Monday morning was my first day at Italy. It was an exciting and oh so terribly sad morning. I cried and cried when he left. I don't do well when we are apart. Call me lame, call me pathetic, call me maybe? I simply love being with him and around him. He makes me feel safe and normal. And when he's gone...I'm lost. I feel so lame. and lonely. And not to mention I'm in Italy alone. not complaining at all. just really missing my friends. my girls nights. my family. my kitties. my Husband. He'll be here in 5 nights. Feels like a life time away.

Work is amazing so far. I just love the people I work with and the opportunities I have been given. Life is amazing right now!

This week is about the songs we are currently tuned in to that help us relax and help us move. This is a great week for this since certain songs are so powerful for me right now.  ((Italian girl party of 1)) :{

Here's my songs and my reasons.
*Let her go-Passenger. The lyrics are beautiful. It's all about not knowing what you have. and although I hate to vent about being in Italy's not the same without Brandon. it's just not. It's about life and everything ironic about it.
*Just give me a reason-Pink & Nate Reuss. I just love it.
*No one's gonna love you-Band of Horses. How I feel.
*Lucky ones-Lana Del Rey. This song is literally written about my life right now. I truly feel like we are the lucky one's.
*Bonnie&Clyde-Jay-Z&Beyonce. I'm ready B! "Put us together, how are they going to stop both of us"? "sometimes I trip on how happy we can be". la dolce vita!
*Bara Bara Bere Bere-Alex Ferrari. The Italian jam! It's amazing!! Immediately starts a dance party in the house. you must listen to it and then google translate. :)
*Home-Phillip Phillips. This is the very first song we played in our new house and it is starting to feel like home.
*You make it real-James Morrison. This is my favorite song and every single word is how I feel. every word. This was runner up for our wedding song. We had to go with the 7th grade song..but this song means so much.
*Skinny love-Bon Iver. See reason for "Just give me a reason".
*Better together-Jack Johnson. 3rd runner up for our wedding song. This song is truth about our marriage. sepia tone lovin...
*Feel so close-Calvin Harris. Well simply because THERE's NO STOPPING US RIGHT NOW!

So..clearly my mood lately is chill and soft[er]. And when I hear these I smile and say goodbye to stress. or cry. BAHHHHH


Happy 10 weeks to the best Milf's! I'm so inspired by all of you!



Couture Carrie said...

Awesome playlist, darling!
Glad you are enjoying your new job :)


Mrs. Pancakes said...

i love your playlist...i will be stealing a few songs!!! and hubby hurry on back....glad the songs are helping you to distress!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

that was supposed to say de-stress!!!

Winnie said...

Aww I didn't realise he had to go back to work in LA - just think when he comes back to Italy, it will be extra special!


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