Wednesday, July 3, 2013

La Bella Vita- Like, like, like.

Ciao Amici!

Our Italian is coming along very slowly and I get so amped when we have a lesson. Davvero! The hard part is actually finding the time to study but we are working on it. 

I have been in Italy for 3 months and my favorite Italian word so far is ALLORA. Say it with me
"AH LORRRR AHHH". It sounds so soothing at times.

I have concluded that this is the Italian "like".  Californians use LIKE, like all the time. With every sentence. We can't help it. Maybe it can be narrowed down from Californians to Angelino's, but still.  you get my point.

Every single Italian speaker says allora after/ before/ during every word that comes out of their mouth. It's a way for them to buy time when they can't find the words to speak, to kill time and a way to break up the sentence just because. Allora means 'then', 'therefor', 'so far', 'since', 'now', 'but', 'in that case', 'because' and so on. It's one of those magical Italian words where you can't really ask what it means because it means everything. and it gets really confusing. It fits well in every sentence and makes sense. It's allora and you just know what it means. Like, really.

Allora, I'm done with my rant. <---see how it works?

Is there a word out there that you notice is used all the time?




Winnie said...

Wow 3 months have passed by so quickly. Italian must be such a beautiful language to learn!

Corinne said...

Haha, allora! I am glad to hear that your Italian is coming along. Hope you are enjoying the wonderful summer there =)

Corinne x

Linda said...

Thank you for your comment!

It's not just a California thing, I'm in the UK and I say "like" (anywhere in a sentence) all the time! Allora! I love that word too! xx

Anonymous said...

Invaluable advice. Florence is hard, in that, due to so many tourists, shopkeepers and most people speak english. They are also usually quite snobby about "Florentine", so even when beginners attempt to speak broken-Italian, they will often cut you off and just speak english (because in their mind, their english is superior, lol) However, once you get past the point that people revert to english, you'll know you've made huge strides! Life gets easier. Also, you will be treated better in general in most cases. Just sharing an experience, but I do not frequent a certain gelateria because some American girl asked for a napkin, since the gelato dripped on her shorts. The owner gave her one, but then made a crack to his friend/employee "(rude word) americans don't even know how to eat gelato." and both burst out laughing. I removed myself from line and told him exactly why.


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