Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween in Firenze

Happy [late] Halloween lovies! This year was special for me. Well...difficult and special. let me explain...

If you are a Blicious reader you know Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday of all! I love to dress up and be silly and especially because of this magical day. So, naturally I will do my best to go all out every year. I love to be creative and try and find the coolest couples outfit ever! My husband is the best trooper on halloween and I love that he dresses up for me...errr with me. :)

Italian's don't really celebrate halloween. Sure there are a ton of American bars around the center that did celebrate for us foreigners but it's not their thing. I am missing my friends so much. so much. and I just couldn't imagine a life without halloween. Not even for one Hubby and I did what we could to make it one amazing night! We had costumes in mind but being that there are zero costume stores in Florence or even a party store for that matter...we had to lose our ideas and get creative. The local sex shops had the usual skanky costumes but for 80 euro and above. No grazie! We went to the tutto 99cent store, an art store and our closets to put together these awesome costumes. ha! we DIY'd and boom...clowns were made!

We clowned around all night and had the best time! We partied at Monkey Bar with our amici! My goal when we moved was to meet people who would be lifers and we have been so lucky to become friends with some amazing people. It's not easy meeting people in Florence and all I wanted was to make friends in our new hood! I loved that our Italian friends were in to dressing up like we were. ((with our encouragement of course...chanting BE AMERICAN!)) It was so fun dressing up with the cool Italians who did celebrate! Running around Florence in a clown outfit was awesome! [can we do that more often?]

I hope you all had a happy halloween!



Krystal said...

ha, that is awesome!!! way to make the italians party...i bet it would be harder to make the swiss do that, ha!

Kelly Maloney said...

Halloween IS the bext! We've missed two of them being in Belgium (Belgians are less inclined to get out and party in costume than Italians I'm guessing) but it looks like you had a fantastic time!

his little lady said...

Aw, the cutest!! Really wishing I dressed up this year!
xo TJ

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Looks like you had a fun time!
Daisy Dayz

Marlen said...

haha go you for not getting discouraged- the costumes turned out pretty darn good! i'd be so sad not celebrating halloween so that's awesome you made those italians party ;)

xo marlen
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Leslie: DowntownHaute said...

I love Halloween as well! I couldn't imagine not celebrating! Your costumes look great!

Winnie said...

Oh you guys look like you had so much fun!!

Liesl said...

Love this and how much fun you both always truly live life!!! <3 Hope you both have a Happy Thanksgiving Italian style! :)


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