Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Holidays from B'Squared!



umm, it's January 14th! How did that happen?!

Our holiday vacation back home in sunny California was fun, needed and a bit interesting. Let's start off with flying in to LAX and jumping on my parents! SO NICE! We missed them so much! We then proceeded to stuff our faces with In-n-out! OHMYLANTA It felt so good and oh so right! We got home and saw my siblings and it was back to normal life. :) My bestest friend came over that night and it was a fun night holding hands on the couch and being insanely jet lagged.

The next day in LA, my family packed our bags and we drove up to Palm Springs. The house was g o r g e o u s and the weather was dreamy. We had a great time the first few nights being goofy and laughing non stop. We got a HUGE Christmas tree (so necessary) and we danced around while we decorated it. ((video coming soon)). We had a yummy surf and turf dinner and it was nice to sit around a table of 9.5 with my favorites. Seriously, I needed that. 

Then...well then the freaking plague hit my family. I swear it hit us all in slow motion. One person after the other got so sick to the point where 8 out of 10 of us ended up in the hospital...on Christmas day!!!!!!!! gross, right!? We were dropping one by one and I swear it was something out of a movie. It was just awful! We think it was some kind of stomach flu/ virus/ vacation killer/ warm weather hater...ugh. If you are following me on insta I'm sure you saw the hospital pics...sad right? 


On the 27th we all started to get our energy back and we were able to enjoy the last two days as best as we could. It sucked to be so sick and see everyone else sick but it was still nice to be home with family. We went to the living desert which we loved, saw a movie and went to the casino for a family night of gambling. We did our best to enjoy the time we had feeling slightly better and it was nice. fun fun! 

When we got back to LA we had a full week which included...seeing our friends, renting a car and driving up to San Jose to visit family and back to LA in ONE day, multiple shopping trips to the mall/ target/ cvs/ downtown LA, a homemade mexican dinner with family that was heavenly, a massage,  B'Squared Italian dinner night, waxing and celebrating NYE with some of my favorites!!!!! The best week! 

It was a great trip home and we are so thankful we got to spend it with family and friends! Coming back to Italy was strange. I mean I left home to come, well...home. I cried saying goodbye to my parents. I don't know if that gets easier...tbc. I have to be honest with myself and say I missed Italy! I missed our babies and walking around this beautiful place we live in. Italy is magical and it feels good to be back! 

I didn't miss the puffy jacket weather though. I swear we all look like a sea of puffy, furry hooded zombies. Not a good look...even thought I LOVE my jacket. ;)

I hope you all had a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!! 

Here's a glimpse in to our Cali vaca...

Brandon and I are so excited for 2014! We are looking forward to a great year and having more amazing dreams come true. 

Happy 2014 lovers!!!!!


I have been receiving quite a few emails saying you have emailed me on my old email...I'm so sorry and I'm not an a$$hole that doesn't respond. Please email me at Brandi.Scarpelli@gmail.com if you want to be friends or hang out in Firenze!


Krystal Es said...

sounds like it was quite eventful!

marie said...

those aprons are incredible. couldn't be happier to be a lucky owner!!

Anonymous said...

What a bummer that you all got so sick!! Oh man! Other than that it sounds like you had an awesome vacation!

Brandy Jiang said...

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