Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Hurrayyyyyyyy! The day has come!!! We are done with Escrow!!! It’s been hell but it’s over!!! We should be getting our keys tomorrow! Remodeling this week and moving in 2-3 weeks! Wow!!!!! It’s so surreal! I was so nervous this morning for 3 main reasons:
1-because it’s so intense signing your life away to these people for 30 years! I mean WOW! And not to mention the check that I saw for such a ridiculous amount of money! Ugh.javascript:void(0)
2-brandon and I are so in love and have been living together for almost 3 ½ years but it’s weird to think that we are 23 year olds with a mortgage to pay!! SCREAM! Baby, I love you so much and WE are going to have the best fucking year of our lives! Before you know it we’ll be selling this place and putting a down payment on our first house or we could put all the money we get in to my Lucida cut ring!!!! Wink wink. I love you so much and wouldn’t be here without YOU!
3-did I mention that BRANDON AND I just got an effing CONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so this is an amazing day for us and clearly is a huge step in our relationship!
praise the lord!

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