Monday, February 5, 2007

soooooo tired.

What a weekend….
Friday- The start of our big move. HELL! Brandon and I were able to fit a ton of boxes in both of our cars (which are the world’s smallest cars EVER!!) and we made a few trips back and forth. We rented a UHAUL truck and moved as much as we could. Thank god for all of Colin’s help. I had to be at our new town home from 1-5 for direct TV. I hate those time gaps. Can’t they just give me an F’ing time? well…of course they came around 7:30pm (why can’t they at least stay within their damn gap?!). ugh! Colin and Brandon moved all of the big stuff (couches, dressers etc.) while I worked on my closet! ;) My mom and G-ma put liner in all of our drawers and bought tons of cute things for our place!! It’s so freakin nice! I never want to leave. Jess came over after work to help out a bit but we were already so exhausted so we ate at our empty, junky apartment and called it a night.
Saturday- our LAST day at The Avalon!! So exciting but seriously the day from hell. Brandon’s big softball game was on the day of our move out date, go figure. He had to return the UHAUL and go to practice. 20K on the line for GL!! Well…of course I was going to the game! Screw moving I wanted to see the BIG game that we have been waiting months for. So it was a great game and everybody deserved to win but unfortunately GL did not win. 13 to 10! UGH! I swear…we were so close. O well, it’s just money right? I guess it was more of a male pride issue. So after the game we went back to moving shit out. It’s now about 3ish and we have to turn in our keys at midnight and we are no where near being moved out. STRESSED! Thanks to Josh for being a trooper and helping us. Brandon and I would have been screwed if we didn’t have josh and his truck! Around 10ish josh left and Brandon and I were not happy with each other. I think the key rule to moving is to hate who you are moving in with. I don’t get it but wow, we were fine with everyone else but each other. True love baby! Not to mention that our poor kitties hate us and have no idea what’s going on. Aww bubs. Poor Brandon had to move all day Friday and then play 7 innings in a game and then move. He was exhausted! We turned in our keys at 11:45pm. They were due at 12!! WOW! Go B’s! Now we are officially out of Avalon and in to our first home! Our garage is a complete disaster and we have a years worth to unpack but we are finally moved in!

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