Monday, March 26, 2007


fourdayweek! woohoo! so excited to party for my 24th!! ugh, 24 is such an ugly age! O wait, but don't i look 30?! pfft. i feel bad for this lame individual who has to make up multiple accounts for their multiple personalities. lame.

our weekend was chill. friday we hung out at Josh's with bry and court. sat we went to dollar day at Santa Anita race track. SO FUN! we got wasted and bet on horses named Larry's girl, Lady la belle(winner), hard woman, mimosa mist....5 drunkards walking around betting all of our money! fun! sat night we hung out at josh's again totally exhausted. watched 2 movies(sorry babe) and had the greatest nights sleep ever! sun we went to our 13 dollar brunch. got drunk and took a nap. went to court and bry's for dinner. love them. i love relaxing weekends prepping for an out of control birthday weekend! woo! bye to Lulu and jess! so happy for jessy but so sad to say bye to lucy lu! tears..

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