Friday, March 23, 2007

ready for the weekend!

such a looooong week. My best friend moved in with us this week and it's been awesome given the circumstances. with that we actually gained 2 roomies, one being Dory and the other being smooshy face. love that lioness. (the cutest kitty you have and will ever see) EVER! so currently at our house brandon is surrounded by all chics and all you hear are the cats (we have 2+smoosh smoosh) hissing, growling and running around like freaks. Jess and i are balls of energy waiting to burst during every conversation and brandonian needs his pipe at all times to deal. He has been CHEF boyarBee all week. well, he always cooks for me but wow, he has knocked our socks off. and now that jess is there she's trying to teach me some housewife duties...not catchin' on too quick but we'll see, winkwink. i love waking up to my 5 loves. <3

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Anonymous said...

i'm coming over this afternoon. yippee! you know who i am =)


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