Wednesday, March 21, 2007

flossy, flossy

girls are funny...well the dumb ones at least. isn't it dreamy when someone is still so bitter that you kicked them out of your life? aww tear. most importantly how about when someone changes their appearance. oyi. friends should be honest. poor thing.

my horoscope for the day:
All of the trivial stuff goes away today, leaving you with the space and energy to focus on what's truly important. Here are questions to think about: Are you doing work you're proud of? How often do you help other people? My answers are Yes, i am VERY proud of myself and my work and yes, i help people all the time! ;)

so...this is exactly who i'm talking about....LAME ass. follows me around target laughing. so excited to see me. let's see....split ends, please? cause my hair was up? sorry i dont have a mop on my head and can pull off bangs. wow, talk about NASTY! all you see is nose. (big one i might add)....put on weight. sure buddy. i've been the same forever...sorry i dont need to diet whenever i want to look ano. please...obviously you look me up every day so go check my pics and see how "fat" i am. hahahahah. i seriously laughed out loud. new clothes...hmmm while i was looking at gym pants you were busy indulging in a new shirt! gag. it's target, you used to work for them, please!?! why would i want to talk to you? all i could do is laugh that i saw you. maybe you should go to school and try and gain some intelligence! smooches!

from looney:
OMG! yeah I'm so flattered I get my very own blog entry! teehee ;)
My friends should be honest with me? haha, have you SEEN your split ends?! holy shit! haha, oh not to mention you put on a little weight, but i'm sure you're friends wont tell you the truth about that either! Damn, for being such a big baller that you are, you would think you would have splurged on some new colthes (SPELLING?), you've been wearing the same thing for alomost(SPELLING?) a year! haha! anyways, nobody is bitter around here honey, and it's funny, you had the PERFECT opportunity to talk all this shit to MY FACE yesterday. You are ridiculous, and not to mention a big FAT smelly PUSSY!

one more from the educated one:
Anonymous said...
hahaha, "gain some intelligence" that was so clever FAT ass. you didn't even open your mouth when you saw me at target! when were YOU laughing at me? you fucking wish you had my hair! and there is NO denying those split ends, wowie! please honey why the fuck would I look at our ugly ass pictures? because you have such great hair and style? hahahahaha!
get over it! look at you, you wrote a blog entry about ME! and I'M the looney one? bring it on bitch, you are ALL talk, and sure proved what a sorry little bitch you really are yesterday at TARGET!

hmmm really read that and try and take it in that someone over the age of 5 wrote it. sad. blogs are for humor and gossip and she's so bitter. look at that. i wish you could all see the mop on her head. i wish i had your hair? please....lame excuse to feel better, that's all. you obviously check up on me more than you should....i know you know every picture i have up and it's a little creepy. hopefully you style your hair differently. being 100% honest, worse thing you could have ever done.
isn't it sad that she calls me fat when some of her friends are huge? that probably makes them feel shitty. well...that's the kind of person she is..


CYNDO said...


Anonymous said...

that girl has no life! she's trash!

Anonymous said...

one word:

Anonymous said...

are you shitting me? this is nicole writing that after how long? wow she has no life. this is screaming jealousy.

Anonymous said...

i just have to tell you that i am one of her "friends" and she talks about you all the time. she hates the fact that you stopped being friends with her and all she knows is to talk shit.


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