Friday, April 20, 2007


WOW. yesterday was mine and Brandon's FOUR year reunion! i was living in an apartment with a roomie in Van Nuys and had a bunch of people at my house and to my surprise, Brandon showed up! to make a long story short...let's just say he never left! ;) we didn't talk at first because it was extremely awkward having him at my house but as soon as we warmed up, thanks to an old friend, we were attached at the hip! or mouth. haha
i fell in love with him all over again and we are still going strong after four years! in FACT, we are only growing closer and closer! <3 four years ago Today, everyone came back over to eat what we baked the night before! i was in denial at first that brandon came over again but he just couldnt resist my kisses! May will be our official anniversary but 4-19 was when we came back in to each others lives! love you baby! we have so much history together and i wouldnt have it any other way! he still makes me feel like he did FOUR years ago!

i love our family baby!


brandon said...

everything you say is true! i would have never imagined in a million years that my life would have taken the wonderful turn that it did. i cannot thank you enough for sticking by my side and giving life, love and happiness an entirely new meaning! you a dream come true! i do and will always love you baby!

Anonymous said...

tears. happy ones! you guys are so sweet. congratulations and keep up the love. =)


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