Monday, April 2, 2007

Vegas does a body good!

One word….VEGAS.
Wow..what a weekend! We had such an amazing time!!!
Took off of work on Friday and started our crazy trip. We checked in to the LUXOR and went straight down to gamble and drink.  Court put in 5 dollars at a slot machine and we won 80!!!!! I’m still too nervous to sit at a table all though I did play Pai Gow and lost 10 bucks. O well…I stayed in the game for a while. So a few hours later we get ready and went over to the ESPN zone for some amazing nachos and chicken fingers…mmmm thanks C and B. we then go to the Palms to party at Rain! AMAZING! I loved it. me, brandon, courtney, bryan, kevin, cathy, taylor and vanessa. Dancing, drinking, rain and fire. Yay! We were all wasted and had a great time Oh not to mention we were on the VIP list. Thanks lovie. ;)
Sat..we go to the Hooters hotel….Courtney had all the hooter girls sing to me! I love being the bday girl! Then we were off to the Wynn hotel. Can I just say that it’s the most amazing hotel ever! I loved it. We snuck in to the pool and had the best 14 dollar drink while watching topless girls make out. Not bad. ;) there were boobies everywhere and brandon and bryan were in heaven! Then it was off for a nap and the beginning to another CRAZY night! we all (brandon, court, cathy, bryan, Kevin and I) took a limo to Caesars for the best dinner ever at Joe’s. crab, steak, mashed potatoes and wine. Mmmmmm and then for the amazing peanut butter pie and a birthday surprise. Yum. Thanks to Kevin and Cathy a ton! While walking through the shops we saw tons of paparazzi around D&G. they closed the store off to none other than the short, fat, bald Britney! EOW! What are the odds that she’s in vegas when we are?!. OK, so the best part of the trip…it was off to Pure. Not only did we get a table outside, and got to see the amazing PCD, it was also DJ AM’s birthday and he performed with the sexy Travis Barker! WOW! I was in heaven! We all sang happy birthday to Adam (yes, I can now call him by his first name). The show was out of control and not only is TB SEXY as f**K, but he is also one hell of a musician! He can play the drums like no other. Gawd, it was love at first sight. He is not as short and skinny as I imagined. He’s perfect! ;) just like you baby! Pure was awesome. I love that club. The PCD lounge will never get old. Ever! Cathy and I sat in the Casino for a bit waiting for our men and had the most random guys talk to us. So funny. Adam, AM also walked by and we were gonna bother him, but decided to be good girls. Sunday was not as bad as I thought. Everyone dreads the drive home, but we stopped 4 times and got back at a decent time. I loved everything about our weekend. Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and amazing friends. Love u. He's so freakin' sexy!

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Anonymous said...

hot. the stories are better in person!

so, i speed away from your complex, drive-thru taco bell, and speed on to my class.. only to find out that they moved it to tomorrow night!

but i'm glad i got to see you. finally. let's bring up that monthly average here, k? =)


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