Thursday, May 17, 2007

people watching is amazing!

"Every thing's Great when you're dowwwwwntooowwwwn"!
so Crystal and I went to downtown for "work". what an adventure. i must say that i felt like i was in a different state. i have only been to the "alley" once and i can't really decide if I like it. i love downtown but my feelings are mixed about the alley. every walk of life is down there trying to sell you turtles, bunnies and contacts. what a combo, i know. did you also know that you can buy panties where they sell hot dog y soda? same cart! what a deal. of course i splurged on some jewelry and C bought flats but overall.....the fakeness drives me crazy! i don't even know if the converse were real??! i mean they were the same price so maybe they were. not sure. Then we went to Olvera street. i haven't been there since i was 5 so it was completely new to me. we had yummy cheap Mexican food and went in to a few stores. that place is not cheap. it was a beautiful day in LA and now i want to live there. the "city" atmosphere makes me happy.

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Anonymous said...

now try taking public transportation the whole way there from the valley. the metro is actually pretty good. it's an adventure =)


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