Thursday, May 17, 2007

happy as can b.

one final down and 3 more to go! yikes. Last night was one of the greatest nights ever. Jess and I got our CAPS and GOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can't even explain the overwhelming emotions that came over me! it's been two years since i first started going to CSUN and i am so excited that i am finally done! not to mention that i am Graduating college with my best friend. we've been through a lot and i am so HAPPY we are accomplishing this together. (same major too) Every time i think about it i want to cry! i know, CHEESE. it was tough and what seemed like forever but i did it! i have an extremely high demanding job, a boyfriend who i live with and try so hard not to neglect and have been a full time student along with trying to deal with all of life's obstacles. sigh. there were times when i didn't think it was possible but i made it! it's scary to think about no more stressing about school. i know that sounds weird but i am so used to having school in my life and now i'm done. for some reason I can't stop thinking about Grad school. who knows, i might just have to get my Masters!

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Anonymous said...

wooooooooo! CONGRATULATIONS!! i am so incredibly proud of you.


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