Monday, May 14, 2007

monday madness

seriously why is it that Monday mornings are always the absolute WORST? i get in to work this morning and my email is down. not the whole office email, just mine. argh.

i want to crawl back in bed and try again. happy monday bloggers!

weekend fun! friday night we went to our friends casa and seriously became alcoholics. drinking, hot tub, drinking, playing games and more hot tub. so fun. we ended up crashing at Josh and Crystal's and woke up and watched Happy Feet. i wouldn't say it was nearly as amazing as Finding Nemo but it was cute. i seriously want a baby penguin so bad. we finally got up and went home. i hate being hung over. we went to meet Courtney and Bryan at a BBQ.

we walked in and realized that we were the only sober ones and were immediately thrown in to a game of flip cup. back to drinking..... my favorite memory was when a girl passed out on the couch and everyone got this bright idea to stack pillows on top of her head.

so funny. we went to court and Bry's house and watched Cat house.

i know i may sound like i live under a rock but i have never seen it before. i was amazed! it might be my new favorite show..haha
Mommy's day was fun and relaxing. once again i was hung over and wanted to sleep. NOPE. we were eating by 9AM! yikes. long day and one hell of a happy ending! we got about 8 hours of sleep ALL weekend but it was fun. back to another week.

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