Friday, May 11, 2007


Thursday update:

We went to Greg and Christina’s for a BBQ. So fun. Cindra and Ryan came and we started the night off with some blended margaritas! Mmmmmm. it was like we were back in the 5th grade when guys are on one side and girls on the other. So cute. Greys Anatomy started and we were glued to the TV. not the guys of course but I’d have to say that deep down they all love it. After we watched the amazing previews for next week, (will Izzy and George be together???) we played a game of Kings. Can I just say that I love that game! Well, aside from Ryan’s dumb rule to stand the whole game it’s pretty fun. Brandon and I came home and got in to such a heated conversation about life. Wow. I almost feel refreshed today although we only slept for about 4 hours. (haha baby). I am sooo happy FRIDAY is here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!

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Anonymous said...

wooooo. happy friday! =)


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