Monday, November 12, 2007

just another manic monday

weekend love.
what a great relaxing weekend! Friday my parents took Brandon and I to dinner to celebrate his new job at Emilio's in Encino. SO AMAZING! the salad and bread are amazingly delicious. I swear I can live off of bread. heffer, i know. after dinner we went home and crashed...yay. Saturday we went to B's uncle's for the November bdays in his fam. after that we had everyone at our house to watch our Vegas video. Megan had a camera with her and let's just say what happens in Vegas....yah well..u get the point. it was funny to watch for the first time...i dont remember doing half of the things we did. haha. "I can't wait for you to ovulate"..anyways..
Sunday we woke up, Brandon, Jered, Mark and I and went to bobbys for the B_E_S_T breakfast ever! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. then it was back to our place for some football. Dallas is AMAZING. we won....AGAIN! smile. i had one of the best days with and my Jabronie were inseparable. we ended the night with coldstones. mmmmm sweet cream, peanut butter and cookie dough..drool. that was our dinner. haha

Ok...back to another week! I want to also acknowledge that i am so thankful today is a holiday! no trafffffffffic! we'll see about going home..

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brandon said...

JABRROOOONNNNIIIEEEEE i love you and thank you for a jabronieful weekend!


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