Monday, December 3, 2007


what a weekend...let's see Friday we went to B's moms for the best homemade lasagna in the world. mmmmm and then we played guitar hero (i got booed off stage) and the Wii for a few hours. The Wii is my new obsession! love.

Saturday we went to World Class Motoring's grand opening. it's our friends shop and it's awesome. so nice and every guys dream. we shopped for what seemed like forever for a Christmas table runner. finally found one... phew. it's cute. i am the Martha Stewart of decorating out of all my friends.

UCLA was killed by USC.

we went to Area for Laura's bday. we had 14 people in our group. we ended up at Mood and danced all night. it was so crowded. i hate when places are too crowded. ick. we were all pretty buzzed and loving life but it was 2 and time to go. we danced with the drummer outside of the Geisha house for a while. so fun.Jess, brandon and I were on our way to taco bell when Bryan calls randomly. we didnt want to stop partying so we went to his house. FUN! we got home around 3:30 and had an intense conversation that lasted until 5:30. Jess left and we went to bed around 5:45 or so.

Sunday we woke up around 10 (notice 5 hours of sleep) and went to the biggest Ferrari and Corvette gathering. there were thousands of beautiful cars that were trying to break the world record of being in the same place at the same time. then we went back to WCM and hung out for a bit...
we went home and did nothing but eat, watch Crazy/Beautiful and lay by the fire. perfect.

hope everyone had a great weekend!


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