Monday, December 3, 2007

thoughts and prayers to her friends and family.

i wasnt sure if i wanted to post this or not but why not?!..

last week i found out that someone we went to HS with has passed away. it's an awful feeling knowing someone who was so sick and so helpless. i know that she is in a better place right now. 23 is too young to experience the things she had to experience. i wasnt close to her but she always seemed to be in our lives at the most random moments. New years when B and i first moved out...Willie's house randomly..and how about when Brandon called me and said you are never going to believe who works with me!?? just random. she will be missed by many people and i hope that everyone i know is healthy and well. we all think that we and all of our friends and family will live forever when really life is so short. i have learned not to take anything for granted and to really cherish every day.

lots of love.

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Anonymous said...

so sad.


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