Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Brandon and I have been talking about hanging our TV on the wall ever since we bought it. well last night we bought a mount and finally put the TV up. it looks GREAT! i am in love. i will admit that i cringed when Brandon and Josh were drilling holes in the wall but it was well worth it. our living room went through a makeover last night and it looks so good. i wanted to stay home and watch movies all day long. dream. i was so sketchy about hanging the tv for a few reasons..1 being it's so heavy and god forbid it falls, we're screwed...2 being i thought it would be weird to look up at the TV??!! i dont know..i feel like we're in a hotel room. haha no but i love it!!!!!

Of course we took a break to watch the last 2 minutes of the Patriots game. WHAT A GAME! wow.

and we also watched the new Hills. i dont know why i am mildly addicted to watching that show. my girlfriends and i will talk about how lame we are but yet we cant stop. pure entertainment. like who are these girls and why do we want to watch about their lives?? whatev..i love it!

back to another day at work. woo.

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