Tuesday, February 19, 2008

one of my fav accessories...

I love scarves! They make me happy. you can wear them with just about any outfit. i love throwing on a plain tee or a tank such as a wife beater and throwing on a cute scarf! simple and classy. i think a scarf can complete an outfit and i LOVE the variety that’s out there. all different patterns and every color you can imagine. kinda like leggings/tights. I dont know what color i don't own. even the cute tights found at Target work fine!

Found at Nordstroms:

Found at Urban

Cheap, cheap CHEAP scarves found at Forever:

Found at American Apparel

Target tights:

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Joey Biber said...

I just have found these alternative apparel clothing online and I'm kinda mixed up about what scarf should I pair for one of these. I really don't wear scarves that much but I sure like to try wearing them more often now.

I mostly have pink alternative apparel tees and statement shirts. Thanks so much for these ideas, Brandi! Just a few mix-and-match and I'm gonna get the perfect complement!


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