Tuesday, February 19, 2008

jewelry shmoolry

If you're like me.....you have tons and tons of jewelry. of course most of it's cheap obnoxious jewelry which is my absolute fav!!! I love wearing things that most people won't. maybe a huge ring or 20 different bracelets all at once. there's nothing better than a huge ring for under 5 dollars. I swear it makes me so/too happy. my ring collection is getting out of hand. I have a hundred and one bracelets and good luck with trying to get a necklace off the hook. I feel like I wear all the same stuff because they are the ones I can actually get too without making a giant mess. Brandon already yells at me for leaving the bathroom the way I do. it's not my fault I don’t have time in the mornings to clean...pfftt. I barely have time to put my shoes on.
well all of my problems are solved. B bought me a beautiful jewelry box that holds a ton!!!! it's big and pretty. and not only does it hold my jewelry but it also holds pics!eeeeee!! I took all of my jewelry down last night and made it neat and pretty. all of my rings and earrings fit perfectly in the jewelry box. my bracelets are in two different containers.....and all of my necklaces are stil hanging on their hooks. I need to find something better for them. any who......I love my newly organized jewelry. I feel like I went on a shopping spree. I can finally see everything I own. you know it's sad when over half of my bracelets had the tags still on them. woops.

YAY for cleaning!

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