Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tickets suck!

so....for my bday last year Brandon had the windows tinted on our car. LOVED! our car looked soooooo much better after the tint was put on. well I’m a paranoid freak and every time we drove by a cop I would roll the windows down or detour so they wouldn’t see me. I know, sad. Brandon's always saying you’ll never get pulled over for tint, yada yada yada. well sure enough Brandon and I drove to Irvine for my cousin's bday and what do you know we get pulled over for none other than our damn tint.what?!@#!@$@#%#&%# are you kidding me? more on a previous blog I wrote tooz. so.......Brandon ripped it off, tear. I went to the DT police station today to get the ticket signed off and the damn cop didn’t even come outside to look at the car. he's like Ok, signed it and gave it to me! what?!@! you mean I could have taken my chances and left it on?! :( what are the odds? bastard! I hate cops sometimes!


sad robot

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marie said...

wow i am so behind on here. it makes a difference being able to check it at work =)


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