Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cali love

So....this morning on my way to work i normally look to theses signs for comfort because they normally tell me how long it will take to get to downtown but today was different! today the sign made me laugh and i wanted to share with you all....i am (as my friends call me) the "Litter bug police". I hate when people litter and i LOVE this sign!


Jocelyn K. said...

This is so hilarious on my way to work I wanted to take a picutre of this same sign but didnt have time to snap a shot. Its funny how we put up these signs and ppl just ignore them. If u love Cali u should check out Surfrider Foundation it help our CA, ocean.

B.licious said...

haha-i'm so happy you saw the sign too! every sign i saw had the message. i will def check it out!Thanks!

aschlee said...

yes definitely I hate when the freeways are littered with trash ooh 'n my boyfriend my gosh he absolutely can't stand when peeps do that. So, anywho love the sign totally funny.


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