Tuesday, March 4, 2008

me time

i had some great quality ME time last night. Brandon went to Eric's and they both changed my brakes. what nice guys!!!!! I had every intention of working out but Jess and i got lost in gossip-land and talked for a while. we had a lot of catching up to do. After we hung up i ate cold spaghettios (my fav) and caught up on One Tree hill. After i cleared our Tivo i started watching "I propose". I Tivo'd the series. If you haven't seen it and are a SAP like me, it's AMAZING! there's a deeper meaning behind it but i wont get in to that. so i watched the best episode and cried the entire time. it was so cute. The show is a proposal show but the girl has no clue. They set it up to where the girl thinks they are planning the "perfect" date for each other when in fact the guy is planning a proposal. So the show walks you through both sides and it's so cute. last night the girl thought it may be a proposal show so she tried to find out everything and still was surprised. they were so cute. they have been dating for 9 years and i swear they looked so in love. i love LOVE and it was the best episode yet. awww mushy. Brandon called me to tell me he was coming home and i was crying, haha. i know, pathetic. i LOVED my me time. when he finally got home i was half way through Ghost. sad right? haha he made us some popcorn and we finished it. sighhhh...i love him.


I also had a photoshoot with one of my babies..


Kira Fashion said...


THanks so much for passing at my blog!
your is amazing, i really enjoy to see the photos of fashion celebs below :)

i am adding you to mine favorites, if you want, add me too :)

a kiss and a hug from BRazil,


Hanna said...

haha you have the coolest cat! love your blog btw, a great read. best wishes


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