Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lemony Snippets

A few of us at work received the emails about Lemonade in downtown from Daily Candy and Urban Daddy. of course we had to try it out being that there are two places to eat in downtown; Ralph's and fast food. it was a mission to get there because of course the day we decide to go is the Farmer's Market. gorgeous flowers and yummy fruit but the last thing we wanted to do was sit in traffic. we finally found it and discovered a whole new world of cute underground places to eat. Lemonade was a bit overwhelming but good. I'll definitely have to go back.

May 9, 2008
Lemony Snippets
Lemonade Cafe Opens

When life hands you lemons, drop them off at Lemonade. You’ll want both hands free when it comes time to eat at the new cafe.
Having just opened its first location Downtown two weeks ago, the new outpost in West Hollywood starts serving breakfast, lunch, and takeaway bright and early.
Under canvas umbrellas, a handful of aluminum tables and chairs fills the patio; a few more seats fit inside the tiny mod cafeteria.
Line up lunchroom style and build your own plate of hot or cold sandwiches, freshly made soups, and veggie-centric sides from the eighteen daily specials like purple potato with sherry vinaigrette, roast cauliflower with curry, and carrot with yogurt dressing. Everything is house-made including the breads and sweets such as lemon macaroons and cream cheese bars.
And yes, there’s lemonade. Five kinds including peach ginger and blueberry mint.
So there’s no reason to be a sourpuss.

Lemonade, 9001 Beverly Boulevard, at North Doheny Drive, West Hollywood (310-247-2500); 505 South Flower Street, at Fifth Street, Downtown (213-488-0299).

P.S. it's GORGEOUS outside! smile!


paul & marie said...

no, we didn't.. those are pictures from when we left last time.. we wish, though!! =)

Katelin said...

oh yum that lemonade looks delicious.


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