Thursday, June 5, 2008

How often do you color?

Brandon's on his plane right now and i am talking about SATC with the girls and got all mushy! i have to see it again. it's a MUST!

some great quotes:
I wouldn't mind being married to you...would you mind being married to me?? ( Big to Carrie)

"Don't give me a diamond, just give me a big closet" (Carrie to Big)

"How often do you "Color"? (Miranda to the girls)

" I won't tell you how often, but when Big colors he rarely stays in the lines." (Carrie to the girls)

"Color? Well I can't color enough. I would color all day...everyday if I had my way I'd use every crayon in the box."(Samantha to the girls)

"Let's get it over and done with" (Miranda to Steve during sex)

"I feel the same way as you feel about Botox. Painful and unnecessary." (Samantha on being Carrie's question to be her Maid of Honor)

"Charlotte did a Poughkeepsie in her pants!" (Carrie)

"I curse the day you were born" (Charlotte to Big)

"Honey even if I were in jail, I wouldn't have that....situation" (Samantha on Miranda's waxing issues)

"Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours." (Big to Carrie...)

i want to color outside of the lines! ;)


Kira Fashion said...

nice quotes! HHEHEH

a kiss!!
i gonna watch this weekend! wow!

Katelin said...

i loved the coloring scene, that was hilarious.

Paris said...

I want to see the film again too!! I love this post. I'd rather watch sex and the city than color xx

Anonymous said...

Those quotes made my day... Love Sex and the city... Thanks for sharing.

yiqin; said...

OHYES I so get the closet thing ;) Sex & the city is so awesome!


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