Friday, June 6, 2008

PS. I love you

so...last night Veronica, Angelique and Joey came over for dinner and a movie. (of course we watched the Laker game until, well....we couldn't take it anymore). so, The movie we watched was PS. I Love You. OHMYLANTA! have you seen it? it is seriously so sad! I cried through the entire movie. (FYI i am a sap and all but f**K it's sad). any kind of love makes me happy; friend-love, soulmate-love, family-love, pet-love, etc. i love seeing other people glow! well this movie is so sad and talking about it now is getting me all teary eyed. i didn't want to see if for this reason and man, it's tough.
Veronica let me keep it so i may have to watch it again alone...although i wasn't holding back. i couldn't stop crying. even when it was funny i already knew he died. UGH! life is so scary! make sure you always tell the people in your life that you love them cause things can change in a second!!

love your life!!


Katelin said...

oh man i liked this movie so much, but i agree, so incredibly sad. but man at least gerard is so hot, haha.

Times of Glory said...

That's one of my favourite movies... I felt so touched. Seriously, the movie looks so real. The contrast of the love the losing him is sooooooo sad.

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Jill said...

I haven't watched it and I am a bit scared to, as I am a super sap. I'd have to take a box of kleenex with me.

yiqin; said...

I actually felt that the movie ruined the book for me! I was a big fan of the book =X Well, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Jess said...

That movie really helped me because finally they made a film that I could relate to when it comes to love :)

Kira Fashion said...

so cool!
i love lisa kudrow!
a kiss!!!

kitty kate said...

i'm about to watch this in like an hour w/ my bf! so excited!!!!!

angelgrotton said...

This movie touched as well. This movie can't live somebody indifferent.


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