Thursday, August 21, 2008

Los Doyers

Last night Brandon, Jered, Eric and I went to the Dodger game. The Dodger's lost but that didn't stop us from having a good time. $11 dollar beers and free dodger dogs=a perfect night. I am not a huge fan of baseball but i must say that yesterday was the first time i think i have ever stayed through the whole game.
Ok-Great story time:
So everyone knows what the Kiss Cam is right? Well, they showed this couple and the guy wasn't really paying attention so he leaned over and gave his girlfriend a kiss and then went back to doing what he was doing. the camera stayed on him and we were all wondering why they weren't showing other couples. they guy had his back to his girlfriend and then all of a sudden......(wait for it...............................................) got down on one knee with a ring!!!!!!!! SIGHHH. it was so cute. They were playing the "going to the chapel and we're gonnaaaaa get married" song and then after she obviously said YES, their friends/relatives held up a sign on the jumbotron that said "SHE SAID YES"! so cute! the girls face was priceless. great proposal! I swear these things always happen in front of Brandon and i. it's like the LOVE god is hinting for us to get hitched...or maybe just engaged. <3

my sad, sad attempt to wear blue. GOOOOOO LA!


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what a great story! and it doesn't get much better than that, beer, hot dogs and a little romance!

shoebox said...

What a great story! It´s moments like that I only think happens on TV :)

I have my own website now, check it out!

Richel said...

that's epically cute. I've been to a number of baseball games and have never seen anything like it!

Kira Fashion said...

so much fun!
love yours great smiles!

a kiss!!!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

"little miss naughty" haha cute :)


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