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Stupid Facts

Year first casino was licensed 1931
Current number of licensed gambling places in Las Vegas 1701
Approximate number of Las Vegas city residents 500,000
Approximate number of Clark County residents 1,500,000
Number of slot machines in the city 197,144
Annual visitors to Las Vegas, in millions 36.7
Percentage of visitors from Southern California 25
Percentage of visitors who say they come to Vegas mainly to gamble 5
Percent of visitors who end up gambling during their stay 87
Hours per day average visitor spends gambling 3.9
Annual state gaming revenue, in billions of dollars 9
Percent of Nevada's general fund fed by gaming-tax revenue 43
Average gambling budget per trip, in dollars 559
Number of people moving to Las Vegas annually 60,000
Average monthly apartment rent, in dollars 631.22
Average price for an acre of land in the Valley, in thousands of dollars 161
Price for a prime acre of land on the Strip, in millions of dollars 11
Number of hotel rooms 124,270
Average number of pillowcases washed daily at MGM Grand 15,000
Average nightly room rate, in dollars 66
Average length of stay, in nights 3.7
Number of conventions hosted annually 3749
Average number of Vegas weddings per day 315
Number of local golf courses 37
Amount in miles of lighted neon tubing on the Strip and Downtown 15,000
Percentage of county's population over 24 years old with college degree 13.8
Percentage of residents who claim to be religious 82.2
Percentage of population registered to vote 42.2
Percent of Nevada land owned by the federal government 87
Paved roads in Nevada, in miles 5429
Dirt or gravel roads in Nevada, in miles 33,010
Nevada's population growth since 1990, in percentage 83.3
Nevada's prison-population growth since 1990, in percentage 100.4
State's nationwide rank in gold production 1
Cost of Nevada marriage license, in dollars 35
Average cost of filing for divorce in Nevada, in dollars 450

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Wendy said...

Its so hot in Las Vegas.

Katelin said...

have a great time in vegas! such a crazy crazy place.

Shelley said...

I really like Vegas even though I haven't been there since turning 21 almost 2 years ago.

I think they need to figure out the statistic of people who were conceived in Vegas... because I would be part of that percentage. ha.

Songy said...

so will you get some shopping done? That will be the only attraction for me. :P


cool facts! Vegas is definately on the to do list.

Richel said...

my sisters are going to vegas, they sure are excited!

enc said...

Have fun, be good, and Blicious.

So Stylish So Sassy said...

I'll be in Vegas this weekend coming up..YAY! Oh dear, I just realized are you going to get married? :O)

So Stylish So Sassy said...

I'll be in Vegas this weekend coming up..YAY! Oh dear, I just realized are you going to get married? :O)

LaCouturier said...

i still haven't been there - but i really do want to go for the shopping! =)

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