Monday, August 25, 2008


Vegas baby, VEGAS!
We went for Vanessa's 21st and Megan's 30th! There were about 25 people in our group. CRAZINESS! Everyone stayed at NY NY except for us. We shared a room with Kevin and Cathy at the Luxor which worked out since everyone came to our hotel for the pool.

the first night we went to the ROK in NYNY. we had two tables and had a crazy, fun long night.

on our way to the club.

Vanessa and I. this is after a few shots of jager.

love him!

the guys.

The ladies.

of course we had to stand on top of the booth!


Angelique and I had a photo shoot in the co-ed bathroom.

poor Ness. she is the one with her head in the ice bucket.

what is a 21st bday without passing out on the floor??? P.S. We were dying when we walked in and saw her like this.

the next morning cure!

so long story but i ended up staying in angelique's room and i had to do the walk of shame the next morning. nothing like waking up and wearing the same dress out with boots in my hand.

the next morning without a buzz.

bday girls at the Flamingo buffet which by the way is AWESOME!

some of the girls...

don't ask...

Me, Cathy and Taylor


the back of my dress. i am in love with the exposed zipper.

me and my bf!

love Vegas!


♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks. ps: you look pretty in pink!!

Katelin said...

looks like a great time. love all the pics. woo vegas!

Richel said...

everyone is going to Vegas right now!

Songy said...

Hot pink. to die for.

Vagas here I come... later. :P

WendyB said...

Wow -- a bloody mary with a meat garnish!

liswon said...

looked mighty fun!


you look like you had a ball!what fun filled images,liking the pink on you!


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