Wednesday, October 29, 2008

41 Ways to Melt a Woman’s Heart

my favorites are # 19, 22 and 26. sigggghhhhhhhhhhhhh. a girl could only hope..

41 Ways to Melt a Woman’s Heart (

1. Ask her to dance.
2. On windy days, brush wayward strands of hair from her eyes and mouth.
3. When she’s coming down the street, across the room, or up the stairs to meet you, walk towards her as soon as you see her.
4. Kiss her between her shoulder blades when she turns her back to you to go to sleep.
5. Put your arm around her when you introduce her to your friends and family.
6. Grasp her hand when a scantily dressed, beautiful woman walks by.
7. Call her when you’re feeling sad.
8. Kiss her eyelids.
9. Ask to see a picture of her when she was a child.
10. Wash her from head to toe in the shower.
11. If she’s crying on the phone, go over to her place. Immediately.
13. Occasionally call her by her first and middle names.
14. Buy her your favorite rock album of all time on vinyl.
15. Order coffee for her, remembering exactly how she likes it.
17. Mention your upcoming anniversary before she does.
18. Send her something in the mail. Anything.
19. When she’s feeling insecure, stare into her eyes and tell her there is no-one in the world who could be as right for you as she is.
20. Call her just before you get on the plane.
21. Pick her clothes up off the floor.
22. Try desperately to make her laugh when she’s feeling down.
23. Take her to see your favorite sport live. Pay more attention to her than to the game.
24. Touch her arm when you leave the table to go to the bathroom. Touch her again when you come back.
25. Shave just before you see her. She’ll notice.
26. Hug her when she gets jealous. Hug her hard.
28. Give her jewelry.
29. Hand her two towels when she gets out of the shower. (The second one is for her hair.)
30. Ask her specific questions about her work.
31. Keep her favorite cereal on hand.
32. In the middle of a conversation, tell her you love her.
33. Send her very expensive flowers when you screw up.
34. Take her to a cabin with a fireplace. Build her a fire.
35. Moan her name when she goes down on you.
36. Read her a story when it’s her turn to drive during a long road trip.
37. Offer to fix something at her place that you realize is broken.
38. Notice when she’s wearing something new.
40. Kiss her hand in front of your most die-hard bachelor buddies. c. Ask if she wants to wrestle.


Emily said...

um seriously how did men's health get it so right?

So Stylish So Sassy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
So Stylish So Sassy said...

although my BF has done some of these listed, i just emailed this to him so he doesn't forget! :)

Bella said...

So many good ones to chose from... but I think 18, 20, 30, 32, and 38 are topping the charts!


this wheel's on fire said...

amazing list :)

Songy said...

groovy.. I'd better send this to my husband.

Stompface said...

ohh that picture makes me sad.
cute list but.

Susanna-Cole said...

Some of these are really great! :)



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