Thursday, October 2, 2008

Karma's a B*tch

PLEASE read what is about to be the best blog EVER! if you want to read great dating stories that will make your jaw drop to the floor i encourage you to read HEART2HEART. She is my coworker and good friend and she will take you on a wild journey through the life of online dating! i promise you'll love, gasp, screech and laugh as she talks about her experiences with the crazy men in L.A.

Yay for the Lunch Brigade!




Nina said...

thanks for linking me! i will link you right now, too. :)

and thanks for the blog...def. will read if it's about dating in LA. it's gotta be a good laugh.

Songy said...

okay then, I'll have a read. This is going to be an exciting journey, won't it??

Songy said...

there was even a content warning! it's going to be more exciting than I initially thought.


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