Monday, October 27, 2008


Happy Monday!

you know when you have one of those great weekends and you wish time would just stop? UGH! that was our weekend. we had such a great weekend!!
Friday-Brandon and I went to the Montclair homecoming game. it was at Pierce college (UC Pierce) and i felt WAY too old. it was awful. the cheerleaders were so cute and the football players looked so small. i swear the generations keep getting smaller and smaller. After the game we went to Fabrocinnis with my padres. mmmmm pasta!!!!

Saturday-we got up and ran a shat load of errands and cleaned our house. so productive. after the house was all clean i had this crazy desire to make cupcakes. YAY! i cooked! .....and decorated each one with a different design! we had a few people over and went to the pumpkin patch. SO fun! oh and i forgot to mention that we all wore wigs! we had to get in to the halloween spirit! i love pumpkins! we picked out the perfect pumpkins, had a photo shoot and went home to carve.

Sunday-Brandon and i slept in. felt AMAZING! there is nothing better than laying in bed around 11am knowing you have nothing to do. sighhhhh. We got our lazy, hungover asses out of bed and went to home depot to get Brandon's hallow costume and paint for our home project. My mom gave us this old mirror and we decided to be creative and paint it. it's sooooo cute!! i love homemade projects!

Sean came over for dinner and to watch the UFC fight and Beks came over after i "saved" her. nothing beats a fake phone call asking her to pick me up when she really just needed to leave. OMG that phone conversation was priceless. "I see Jesus"!!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!!!!!


♥ fashion chalet said...

Every blog today has such yummy goodies posted today. *drool* .....

Thanks for the comment, sweetie :)

Hope your Monday is going well!

xo/ fashion chalet

So@24 said...

Look at how much you guys accomplished.

I feel like my weekend was wasted.

glory said...

hey look like you have fun, love the wigs hahah kises

Bekah Boo said...

Hahahahaha. Thanks for saving me!!!

You are the best.

ANDY said...

Gosh!! you made me crave those cup cakes!!! lol
I also had a great weekend!!!
fabric shopping, vintage shopping & walking around Amsterdam all Saturday and sewing all sunday...
but then, when you realize it, its monday again :(

Nina (femme rationale) said...

u look so fab in that purple wig. and u guys did an amazing job w/the mirror. it looks really chic!

Songy said...

You guys really know how to party.. Cool!!

I gave you an award today. come and claim when you have time.

WendyB said...

Elaborately carved jack-o-lanterns are so cool.

Anonymous said...

these are all mouth watering and absolutely BLICIOUS!!!


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