Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my Valentines day post.

so.....Friday night Brandon and i were like kids on Christmas. we couldn't wait to exchange gifts in the morning so we did it the night before. I made Brandon a Nascar poster with two tickets to the Auto Club 500 race which is this Sun. EEEEE! i was so excited to give them to him! i don't think i thought about what he might have gotten for me since i was so excited to see his reaction.

andddd..i made him a coupon book ♥ ♥

so my gift was amazing!! i am a huge picture whore and i love bright colors. our house is all grey, black and white and i have been dying for some color. to my surprise Brandon had this picture made of us and full of color. it's a 30 x 30 picture and looks great in our living room.

Saturday morning we woke up and Brandon was not feeling well. he was really sick. :( i planned the morning and Brandon had the night. Brandon loaded up on meds and we went to have brunch at Geoffreys in Malibu. it was such a beautiful day! aside from the view, the food, service, preset menu all sucked. it was the worst experience not to mention i didn't know it was 65/person. We're in a recession fuckers!! shoot me! any way after brunch we sat on the beach for a bit. it was the most beautiful day!!

we went home and slept in hopes that Brandon will wake up feeling better. he felt a little better but we decided to make dinner together. we went to the store to buy dessert and to our surprise it was none other than K-Fed standing in line behind us. hahahahaha he was with his new blondie. but seriously he's not a bad looking guy. he can drop a few pounds and kids-cough cough but he's kinda cute and smart in a loserish way. so anyway.... we made a perfect sushi dinner. it was so romantical! i think every couple should do it, well that's if you like sushi. it was a great night! ♥


our cats were begging us for food. hahah and i was replaced by dessert..

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!


Fashion Therapist said...

Love your pics - they tell the story perfectly. And your sushi dinner looks delish!

Dana said...

How nice!! Your poster is amazing, so it is Brandon's present!

Anonymous said...

aww it seemed like you had a great valentines! so fun!! :o)

Kira Fashion said...

So sweet you two and the cat!


a kiss, you are so beautiful!

marie said...

awww.. i love this post. that 30x30 picture is SO COOL!! happy <3 day!! you guys are pro at sushi!! how do we make reservations at your table to join in on that?? =)

Katelin said...

aw sounds like a perfect valentine's day! :)

Trace said...

Such a sweet post, and a great V-Day! I love that poster your man got you, how awesome! And the sushi-making looks like so much fun, love the wasabi hearts!


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