Friday, February 6, 2009

weekend plans

family road trip to wine country for a cousin's 21st birthday! WOO! and date night at Roy's tonight! mmmmmmmm!


any big plans this weekend?


Winnie said...

Have a fab weekend.

It's my sister's 20th this weekend and I will be presenting her with her gift, which I will probably post on my blog after her birthday (just in case she happens to check my blog!)

Katelin said...

oh that sounds like an amazing weekend to me. have so much fun!

Strawberry Fields said...

=D =D, i has a sudden brainwave about it in physics during the week so i ran to the library at lunch to put it on the computer =S so sad!

have a great weekend, the photos are ace. i have concert band reherslas and dance practice, i also have to go out in the snow which I will not enjoy xxx

Mimi said...

Your weekend plans sound great, hope you have an amazing time!!!


Dana said...

I tagged you :)

kaitlyn said...

mmm i love roys!

F Blog said...

mmm I love wine! Hope you had fun!
And I also love Nasty Gal Vintage (in your post a few below). Everything on their site is so amazing!

giggleness said...

nope. i didnt really have any big plans for the weekend :)

hope you had fun!


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