Wednesday, March 4, 2009


it's always the best feeling after a rough day coming home to a big box with tons of goodies that you ordered online about a week ago. last night i got home and the bf called me a shopaholic like it's a bad thing. pffffttt i can think of worse things to be doing with my time and money besides buying a few things here and there that i have to have. found these on forever and i loveeeeeeee! Can you tell the difference between the knock offs and the A. Wang's? ok, ok maybe you can but i think it's a damn good knockoff. teehee
these should be at my door within the week. :)


my big box had all these wonderful goodies in it:


Happy Weds!


F Blog said...

im lovin those knock-offs.. may need to get myself a pair!

Danz said...

*Sigh* I so wish F21 had shoes in my size and shipped internationally. Those shoes are gorgeous!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

how fun! i love coming home to packages waiting for me. i can't wait to see what the k/offs look like on actual feet. haha

Trace said...

Oh yes I love the feeling of coming home to packages waiting for me!! Looks like you've got a great haul there! Can't wait to see those shoes on you!

Georgie said said...

What fantastic knock offs! If only forever 21 would ship internationally :-(

frances said...

I just loove those shoes. I'd be so bummed if I was a designer whose shoes were getting knocked off that shamelessly! Haha, let's take advantage of it though x

Sean Garrette Lundy said...

hey! i see you love fashion just as much as i do come visit my site some time! and comment my post, and if you like follow! thanks =]

Much Love,
XXX, SeanGarrette

♥ fashion chalet said...

How are they on?? I have your boots below! =]

xx Gorgeous!

modern antoinette said...

Don't you just love whan a package is waiting for you...

I totall want those knock offs.


Bella said...

Ahhh I'm waiting for my F21-Wangs to arrive too! I just couldn't resist... I loved them. xxx

Krystal said...

love mr a.w. xx


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