Monday, March 2, 2009


Hi bloggers!

Saturday morning Brandon and i packed a lunch and went on a 2 hour bike ride. we went to the park and sat at bench under the perfect tree and enjoyed the beautiful weather. it was gorgeous outside! after the ride we went to the FIDM Barbie tribute fashion show event. free drinks and food will make anything entertaining. ;) after the show we went to J lounge in downtown for a friends birthday. it was like a high school reunion for Brandon and I. we danced all night and had a good time.


Yesterday we went to Willow Springs which is seriously heaven for car lovers (guys). there are so many different race tracks; long, short, dirt, oval and all different types of cars. it was pretty fun to watch and hang out with the guys.


i hope you all had a great weekend!


brandon said...

3 words about this weekend...FUCKIN LOVED IT! thanks for making this weekend so great sexy! love you whooty!

Fashion Fille said...

you look gorgeous!

Katelin said...

looks like a fabulous weekend.

Trace said...

Love the pics from the Barbie event - looks like so much fun! And you were gorgeous for the night out!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you!! Oh.. this is so pretty and i love your little ankle booties :] BARBIE!? how fun =]


CKUF said...

i love the bangles! they are sooooooooo beautiful

frances said...

your clutch is amaazin!

Angelique said...

dude I'm all over this thing and didn't know it haha


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