Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was tagged by the lovely Angelique from ToughCrowd. YAYAYAY! if you dont know who she is you should read her blog and scroll down to all of my pics. she's in almost every post. ;)

1. Mention the person who tagged you. -please see above.
2. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.

*bread and butter. ♥
**painting my nails is one of my FAV things to do. it's like getting a new haircut to me. After they are perfectly painted i make sure to do weird hand movements so my fingers fly in front of my face and i can see how pretty they look. :)
***Dancing to music in my head. Dancing is the best therapy there is! i majored in Psych and still think they should have just let us dance.
****Burning candles and then leaving the room for a bit and then coming back to a yummy smelling room. mmmm
*****Watching my cats run up and down the stairs. EEEEE so cute. Mowgly (the thin black beauty) looks so classy as she gently walks down...Mixie (the mixed fatty) charges down like a ton of bricks with all sorts of fatty heaven flapping around. love.
******MORNING HUGS! these occur EVERY morning when B and I wake up. they only happen when both of us are up and out of bed. if i don't have a morning hug i swear it will be a bad day. we dont even think about it anymore. it's like "oh you're out of bed, HUG". :)

3. Tag 6 blogs, state the rules, & notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.


Jasmine said...

CA Adventure - woooooo! that photo is adorable!!

Dana said...

i also love bread and butter :)

seriouslyright? said...

"with all sorts of fatty heaven flapping around"


brandon said...

your 6 things are freakin hilarious bub!

Nina said...

Yay thats nice. thank you for the comment.

freeTEYme said...

You're blog is so fun to read!

Nokenicus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sachin Malhotra said...

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