Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hi guys! how was your weekend? My weekend was GREAT minus the being sick part yesterday and today. :( whyOwhy?!

Friday night B and I stayed in a hotel (it was a bday gift for us) and we went to dinner at Rock Sugar. it reminded me of Tao in Vegas and the food was delicious! i highly recommend it.
From blicious

From blicious

Sat B and I ordered room service and vegged out all day. HEAVEN! we went to Malibu to watch a friends band play and then went to Buca's for dinner with B's family. Happy Birthday Nick! ♥

Sunday we went back to DISNEYLAND!! 2Fer!! we had a great group of people and went on a ton of rides. we went back and forth from Dland to California Adventure. so fun!!

From blicious

From blicious

From blicious

From blicious

From blicious

From blicious

I'm home sick today and hope to beat this nasty headache.

hope you all have a great day!


Katelin said...

hope you're feeling better!!

love your gray dress though, it's so cute. and the disneyland pics are hilarious love it.

Winnie said...

What a shame you're not feeling well. At least you had a great trip with your friends, you guys look like so much fun to hang out with!

shelia said...

Omg you NEED to make a post on some of your dresses and where to find them please! :) love your blog

brandon said...

glad you enjoyed my 'stache all day! wait a while, wait a while...

phamzy said...

oh, i lik ethe micket ears headband


Lara Natascha said...

great love your blog <3

exchange links??

love lara <3


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