Wednesday, May 20, 2009

6 more days...

happy weds!!! it's honestly been such a great week so far and it's only going to get BETTER! EEEEEEEEEEE! B and I took my bro and some of his friends out to sushi for their last day on Monday night. They are going to Greece for 12 days! (ughhh i know-lucky bastards ;)
last night B and i shopped for a bit and watched the intense Laker game. LA rocks! ;) WOO!
today is SIX days till our SIX year anniversary! EEEEE! so exciting. it's crazy to think that we have been with the same person for six years and are still happily in love. i don't even want to question it or wonder how it's possible but i love every minute with B (even when we fight). he's my world and i love him more than nail polish. teeeeheeee-more than ANYTHING! ♥

hope you all are having a wonderful week and enjoying the beautiful weather. well that's if you live near LA. :)

today's six things i love about Brandon:

1-his smile
2-his lips
3-morning hugs
4-how his wardrobe only consists of black and white T's
5-all the amazing meals he cooks
6-the serious issue he has with cleaning.

he will get six more tomorrow.



brandon said...

3 words...YOU ARE PERFECT!

Kym said...

oh, you guys! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Very sweet post!


Flashes of Style said...

Awwe all looks so fun!


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