Monday, May 18, 2009

Do you know the way to San Jose? lalalalala

HI! how was your weekend? ;) mine was perfecto but i can't wait till this weekend!!! i know, i know it's only Monday but i am sooooo excited. Let's start off with this past weekend.

Brandon and i took a road trip up to San Jose. I left work early because of course i didn't pack (we had gone out with a few friends the night before) and it was also my brothers prom and i wanted to take pics with him before he left. GO FIGURE that I had to get off the freeway to get gas and i got lost. FML! i was driving around for about an hour and got home so late. well i still got to see my bro and then had to pack and get on the road. we got up to San Jose and played rock band for a while and just hung out. Mariah cary better watch out. seriously.
Saturday we hung out with B's bro and sis. we had a great night laughing and talking about god knows what. :::bullshit bullshit bullshit::: (forgetting Sarah Marshall?!!) Sunday we got back on the road to come home. we stopped at Casa de Fruta which is a huge farmers market. so fun! we bought some fruit, honey and a yummy sauce that we can't wait to try. we sat on the wall by the train and had an orange and then got back on the road. sighhh.

we had a great weekend together!

so back to next weekend......EEEEEEEEEEE!!! next Monday is Bsquared's SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIX YEARS! EEEEEEEE!!! more sappy posts to come all week. ;)

Have a great day/ week!

ummm, i used to baby sit them below. AWWWW!

OH and I posted more items on Etsy!!!!


brandon said...

thanks for a great weekend! now this next weekend is going to be the best weekend of the year! cant wait! love you lavy!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i love visiting santana row in san jose.

Katelin said...

oh yay to such a fun weekend, sounds like a blast. and even more a yay for 6 years, that's so adorable.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

road trips look so fun, and those cupcakes do too mm xx

Kym said...

awww advanced congrats on 6 years together :) love that summer dress of yours btw!

F Blog said...

sounds soo fun!!! I can't wait to go on trips this summer!

Trace said...

Awww congrats on 6 years! Cutest couple ever, I love seeing pics of you guys together. That pink flowery dress is gorgeous on you too! Where's it from??


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