Thursday, May 7, 2009

din din on me

so last night Brandon and i made a bet on how many points Kobe would score in the game. Loser has to make dinner the next time we are home. the loser is yours truly and i need suggestions on what to cook for the BF. just a slight background-i don't cook. i repeat, i don't cook. the kitchen hates me. i can count the times i have cooked for Brandon on one hand. yowzers! i'm excited to be in charge of dinner for one night but have no idea what to make. suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

last night we watched the game, got take out, had coronas, played Guess who (best game ever!) and had a great night.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh you can make homemade mac and cheese just look up the recipe on food network for sure he will be impressed. I cheat by using that website too!

Winnie said...

Sometimes playing kids games are the best nights in ever!

...Just don't drag out the monopoly set. Yawn!

Elizabeth Marie said...

What a cute night!
And I looove "if Chanel made pasties...than maybe" haha!

But I can't help you with recipes. The kitchen would explode if I tried to cook! :)

Love your blog too!! xo

Enep said...

I love that game! :--D


loves.... said...

you guys are so in love - so sweet

Gracie said...

Guess Who!!

Aw... makes me want to do a board game night. Looks like I have potential plans for this evening!

Thanks for finding my blog. Do you do link exchanges?

Love. Gracie.


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