Friday, June 19, 2009

do you believe in Magic?

well I do! at least. ;)

7 things on my mind:
1. I am so proud of the bf and his business. He is hustling and it's sexier than ever!! LA peeps-make your apt today!!!
2. my dad is having a good day which means i am having a good day ♥
3. my blue nail polish is growing on me. yay summer colors
4. Pilate's, Kashi, vitamins and coffee at 5am is the perfect start to a happy Friday
5. got my new vogue yesterday and i fell in love with Sienna all over again.
6. Sick of people caring because they have too. just do what you feel is the right thing
7. excited for father's day.


i hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!! always smile!


brandon said...

not only do i love your new header but knowing you're happy gives me an indescribable joy inside!

love you til the end!

marie said...

yeah!! TGIF!! =)

katie said...

cute blog!
x katie & jimmy

Demi said...

thanks for the lovelyy comment you left months ago honey, and sorry it took me so long to reply!
what a wonderful post! :)

Ash Fox said...

i love your outfit! your hair is incredible! the janet jackson jacket is ridicuous..i love it. thank you for your sweet comments. i've added the shirt you liked to my store.


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